How much difference...

How much difference switching from a soft board to a stiffer board?  


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24/10/2019 12:27 pm  

Hello everyone, I am currently using a 157 bataleon disaster snowboard, but looking to switch to 157 Korua Shapes Otto. I notice Otto is much stiffer and different shape, so how much difference should I expect to experience? Sorry for the english.

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In general, stiffer boards require more energy and input for them to perform as intended. This is why beginners have a harder time on stiffer boards, and why experience riders can overpower a softer board. The otto is going to want more from you… it might feel catchy and aggressive at first, compared to the disaster, but you will adjust after riding it a bit.

The other thing you will notice in this particular case is the difference between a bataleon TBT base contour VS a traditional base with no contour. You will feel the full length of your edge much more with the Otto, be more locked-in on groomers for carving, and it will just be more grippy and aggressive in general. You will need to be more “on it” (paying attention to your riding) whereas I assume you can be lazy with a soft TBT board, since it doesn't require as much control or input.

The main thing that will improve with the Otto is simply stability. Better at speed, better pop, better/bigger landings, harder carves, etc...

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they will feel about as different as possible, but if you're even moderately experienced and coordinated it should take about 100 meters to figure it out.

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Don't listen to these nerds, it all depends if you worked out your quads over the summer

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