Montana - snowpack ...

Montana - snowpack in December  


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30/07/2019 4:12 pm  

Considering going to Big Sky for a week in December and wondering how consistent the snowpack is that early in the season.

Couldn't find anything on the resort website showing the historical accumulation over the season. Snowpak has some data and suggests roughly 50-60". 

Does anyone have any experience here?

Mr. Lomax
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01/08/2019 8:17 am  

that's my home mountain. December is usually pretty good (it opens on Thanksgiving in late November)  but, Big Sky is giant skree rock field so it takes a while to fill in the thousands of shark rocks in the water, luckily I know the filler spots. the groomers will be great and totally filled in and its a pretty huge mountain so there will be lots of groomer options. I have definitely had many pow days in December there. if you stay in Bozeman you can have the option of going to Bridger Bowl (opens approx. Dec 9-10) as well and it is a gnarly little resort with amazing hiking off the ridge, or you can easily day trip there from Big Sky.  if you bring a split we could venture into the bc ( at Beehive Basin). come visit and I will show you around. I post an edit on the teaser page and the intro shots are all from Big Sky. let me know if you got any other questions. Cheers!

edit- December is notoriously cold. That's when we usually get double digit negative temps so bring double down jackets and warm facemask. 


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