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Mark Landvik aka Lando "no more sponsors"  


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08/10/2018 11:20 pm  

Mark is a local dude from Juneau who I grew up watching on a board, in person. He was just one of the Boarderline guys. I was a Boarderline kid.  That's where I got my first skateboard, snowboard, and all gear. First time I felt "cool" within board'n, because of the people who worked there. He eventually made it big, because he committed to leaving AK where there is no industry, and has been one of the top-tier riders for years now. You all knew that part.  Well, apparently he is no longer riding for anyone! I'm sure it's a good thing, with whatever he has planned (or not planned), but kinda crazy too. Always proud of this guy and that he represents our tiny corner of the world, Alaska, southeast Alaska, and specifically my home/current town of Juneau. Talented well beyond snowboarding, I'm sure he will continue to find happiness.

Kinda makes sense, following this from a couple years ago. I like to watch this video every few months.

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09/10/2018 5:38 am  

Always been a Lando fan. 

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09/10/2018 9:33 am  

Saw his insta post this morning and got bummed. Lando has been one of my absolute favorite riders for many years and due to that, I can't say I'm surprised as it's been plain to see he hasn't been riding and most of his activities are in other creative pursuits. As Spenser pointed out, his evolution video about his departure from the video project was a turning point. Mental breaks, stress and or trauma are motherfukkrs. 

Long Live Lando!


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09/10/2018 3:39 pm  

Definitely sounds like the situation isn't by design from his end, but I could see it being a good thing.  Between interviews and dialog from recent video parts I get the impression that the pressure and expectations of professional snowboarding weigh on him pretty profoundly (in a Kevin Jones kinda way), so I can see how being able to do it more on his own terms could be very good and healthy.  He's definitely one of my faves to watch, and though media is pretty one dimensional, he strikes me as simply a good dude and a rider worth "pulling for" for lack of a better way of putting it.  This edit remains one of the most stoke-inducing for me.