FS: Burton [ak] / N...

FS: Burton [ak] / Nike  


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03/09/2018 5:47 pm  

All prices USD and INCLUDE shipping to L48/Canada. 

Please PM or e-mail awd1105@gmail.com to inquire.

Burton [ak] Swash Jacket XL (blue/white/grey) - 8/10, $110
- a few small marks here and there but otherwise in awesome shape. Ridden fewer than ten days.

Burton [ak] Swash Jacket XL (“Siddartha”) - 9/10, $120
- ridden in once only. Wore it to grab groceries a couple times, though. Zippers are a tad stiff but perfect otherwise.

Burton [ak] Stagger Pant XL (True Black) - 8/10, $100
- Burton’s precursor to the Swash. No rips or wear on the heel cuffs. The only catch is that I superglued the cuff zips shut because they kept opening up on their own.

Nike Rosewood Jacket L (black) - 7/10, $50
- a little bit of coffee staining on the cuff of the grey sleeve, but otherwise in great shape. More of a shell; not a ton of insulation. Maybe fifteen days on-hill. I see some park kid getting gnarly with this.

Nike Aeroloft Kampai XL (red) - 7/10, $85
- a few tiny stains here and there and the cuffs show a bit of wear, but no rips or tears. Shell still repels. Probably the lightest down jacket I’ve ever ridden in. Used for a season in Korea/Japan. Would be a perfect “beater” jacket for the guy who sees a lot of really cold temps and deep pow.

Would be willing to negotiate if you’re looking to grab multiple items.

Not really looking to trade for anything other than camber-dominant Family Tree decks 158-163, or Koruas 157+.


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El Che
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04/09/2018 8:50 am  

man i've always wanted jordan nike jacket...

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16/09/2018 2:04 am  

Would've loved to take that blue/white/grey Swash jacket off of you, but I'm too petite for that XL 😀 (Mine's an M and fits perfectly)