Japow Trip, Christm...

Japow Trip, Christmas 2018  



Hey y'all


We're going back to Hokkaido this Christmas.


My favourite thing last time was the "Hokkaido Express", where we would travel the island in a bus, hunting for the best pow.

Problem is, the Black Diamond Tours don't offer guided tours that early in the season, unless you'ey got a group of 5+ ppl to book a private tour.


I was wondering if anyone would like to join up with us?

If all goes as planned, my mates from Oz are coming too, so we'd be 4 people already 



Trip dates: december 20th (flying on friday/saturday) to january 5th (return on saturday).


The private tour would be 7-10 days, but we can vote on that. The rest (first few days, especially) of the time, we will spend without guide, around Niseko/Rusutsu, to get accustomed to the jet lag, the snow conditions, and to save money.





2 Answers

Still looking for people to join us on the multi-day trip around Hokkaido.. Anyone in the area over Christmas/New Year?


Changed our plans.

We're now going on the Central Hokkaido tour with Whitelines, based from Furano.

Will spend the first few days in Niseko to shred Rusutsu and enjoy some christmas Pizza at Tomo-San's and whiskey at the fridge.

On the 27th, we get picked up for the transfer to Furano and then the whole thing takes off at full speed.


There are still some free spots on that tour left.