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Travel insurance for US residents going snowboarding in Canada  



Any recommendations? Needs to cover guided and non-guided backcountry; preference is for annual multi-trip policy as I will be in BC several times. Did look at Global Rescue which is great for the evac side but doesn't cover consequent medical treatment and the associated travel insurance is only single-trip. 

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Used these guys for my Baldface trips.


So my wife is a travel agent, and she sells travel insurance policies, both missed trips and medical. I've been going to BC for 20 years. They type of policy you are wanting does not exist. Policies will only cover a single trip/itinerary, once you return home it's done. Now if you linking up two or three places on the same trip you will be good, but yea, there is nothing that will cover a whole winter of back and forth. Some years I've done 3 cat trips and had to buy a separate policy for each trip, it's just the way it works. 


I have found and purchased my plans through squaremouth. Through them, I have purchased travel insurance policies from both Tin Leg and Roam Right. Getting coverage for back country stuff required some attention to detail and really reading the policy exclusions and clauses in the riders, but I was able to get what seemed like pretty robust coverage for not a ton of $$$ (about $160 for 2 weeks in Japan). I am very happy to report that I never had to find out how truly good or bad my coverage was.


Thank you all. I'll check out Tugo and squaremouth.

Annual multi-trip insurance with snow sports cover (including "off piste") when I lived in the UK was ~$130/year. Here, Dogtag charges $465 for less than 6 months. Other companies I looked at (WorldNomads, IMG) don't even offer multi-trip coverage. Not sure why choice and price are so bad here.

EDIT: I spoke to Dogtag who said their sales and marketing team is in the process of developing an annual product but it's not available yet. In the meantime, I ended up using Squaremouth for a trip that was all at the resort and am using WorldNomads for the others. 

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