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    Really sad to hear a snowboarder was killed in an avalanche in Niseko yesterday. I go there most years and the area where it happened, Haru no taki, is a strictly off limits area.

    The Niseko ski patrol are awesome dudes and do their best to open the backcountry gates whenever possible.  Any fellow ELers out there or heading that way, have fun, shred,  but stay safe


    El Che

    i know @noobrider is in Niseko this week but I don’t think he’s one that goes to off limit spots…at least I hope not.



    Pretty bad news.  Does anyone know where exactly this occurred?  I have some guesses but it wasn’t in the new where this happened and if it was cause of death was from trauma or burial.

    One other guy in the party suffered broken ribs, but nothing on the guy who passed away.



    cardiac arrest.


    SG Boarder

    Harunotaki is between Hirafu and Higashiyama. Kind of off Alpen.


    Strictly out of bounds but VERY popular with locals and also many visitors. Some of the best lift-accessed cliff drops in all of Niseko. I was in there as recently as a week ago.


    The area slides a lot and it obviously was very dangerous following the snowfall over the last few days.


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