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No-board / pow surf recommendations

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Recommended boards, comments? A spring hike on Saturday got me thinking that a no-board could be fun to take out when hiking. Don't want to take a full board or split + bindings + boots.

Attached a photo of the terrain that motivated the question. Low-angle spring corn, much faster descending on a board than post-holing through snow.

IMG 7286


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I'd take a prepped cambered board with boots/bindings. Noboard/powsurf is a gamble in corn. Maybe one of those retro snurfers would work though, where you can manhandle the nose with a rope.

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I'm new the the pow surf thing so I don't want to discourage your experimentation. But so far my experience has been:

Pow surfer in pow = OMG this is the funnest thing in the world. I need MOAR.

Pow surfer on everything else = OMG this blows.

On non-pow snow the board just skates out sideways and it's difficult to a frustrating degree to keep balanced and in control. Lots of falling and resetting. I eventually just sat on it and buttboarded which led me to using my feet to slow speed which led to basically rooster tailing snow off my heels directly into my face the rest of the way down the hill...

It was as cartoonish and funny as it sounds. I'm super cool.

Anyhow... what might actually work is one of those double snowskates with the skateboard thing on top and the shortski under. maybe.

Otherwise, some sort of strap bindings on a powsurf might work.... or maybe strap bindings on a YES Clark board cut to your prefrences.

There's gotta be a solution. 

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A company called Soulboardiy out of Slovakia has shared some videos of a prototype that looks really sweet. To @c-fuzzy's point, pow surfers are pretty crap except in pristine conditions. That board looks mega promising.

They don't have anything on the market yet, but was really excited to see it.

I have a Weston Pow Surfer. Have only ridden it a few times... mostly at the local sled hill on groomers. Sketchy but fun lol. I tried riding it once in pow, and it was just too deep. Anything steep enough to ride that particular day would have steep enough to slide.

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Yeah, I think I'd also take a snowskate - you have the optiin of long or short and even magne if that's your thing. If too bumpy from suncups - don't know if it will work any good, though

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thats when the burton piledriver would be perfect

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definitely would want a Lib Tech or Hovland snowskate for conditions like that if you're not wanting an actual board and bindings setup. you wouldn't be able to control anything flat like a powsurf, noboard, etc.