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Boards for sale, Niche Wraith,

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I've got a problem where I get stoked on something and buy it, hopefully ride it a few times, maybe still like it, but decide to sell it anyway. Here are the latest boards that I'm looking to move along. I'll gladly email more pics to any interested parties, or searching on the Snowboard Trader group on FB should find my ads there. Also! Looking for a 154 Kazu in decent enough shape, willing to work on trade/part trade. Prices are USD. Fellow canucks holler for CAD pricing.

2020 Wired Vantage 154, SOLD

2020 Gnu Headspace 152, SOLD

2020 Niche Wraith 155, this board has more use than the others. Maybe 10 days or so total, split between my brother and I, I'd say a decent 7.5/10 condition. Some minor scratches and small chips on the topsheet, base has some shallow scratches, but nothing deep and the edges are good. Niche advertised this as their jib board, but I wouldn't rate it super soft, not at my 155 lbs anyway. Decent amount of camber, with longer early rise tip and tail sections, 257mm waist. This was the first year for Niche being made in the Keil factory, nice construction for sure.

$150 plus shipping, should be between $25-$45 depending where you live compared to Sweet Grass MT.

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