FS: 2020 Super8 57 ...

FS: 2020 Super8 57 (ridden 4 hours)  


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07/01/2020 3:00 pm  

Ok, I did that EL thing where I impulse bought another snowboard.  In the nature of keeping my quiver small, I have a feeling I will like the new board a little more than the Super 8 so I am impulse selling before the new board arrives.  Yay irrational decisions for snowboarding!

Super 8 is phenomenal, really great board, floats insanely well at reference, good pop, super maneuverable in the trees.  I haven't had a board that floats this well that isn't some crazy swallowtail shape tbh.   Check the specs, it rides exactly like you'd expect.

Anyways, I'd keep it if I wasn't just wanting to try out a few boards for the rotation spot in my quiver.  Bought it from Evo 3 weeks ago for $499+ tax (over $550 for us WA folks).  Its got literally 4 hours on it in pow and groomers from this past weekend.  That's it.  

$450 shipped.

If you're local and can pick it up in downtown Seattle you can have it for $420 (lolz).  No trades, no cheezburgerz.  

PM me with your number and I'll text photos but its a 10/10, so don't be a nerd.

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