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[Sticky] Teh officially official ezMerch thread of officialness

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The old threads have been stickied long enough & I'm tired of looking at them. So I'm adding this one to update as I roll things out. 

The menu at the top of the page has the relevant link to ezMerch 

The first thing ready to go is the ezloungia design. 

ezloungia black 10inx5in 280dpi


There are t-shirts & pullover hoodies with a big logo screened on, zip ups & a 5 panel camp hat with it embroidered, and stickers in 4 sizes, with multiple options for packs.


Based on the way the supplier charges for shipping it's easier to wrap that into costs, so for US orders shipping is free. There is a flat rate add on of $5 for Canada & Europe, $10 for Japan & Australia and $15 everywhere else.


I have more things in the works soon, but after fighting with the storefront to get everything listed finally I wanted to start this. 

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