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Grom sizing: your opinions  



My oldest has grown a ton since last year. Major size up in boots and bindings and now needs a new board as well.

I'm trying to balance out big enough that he can grow in to it, but still be able to easily control it.

He is just turning 8, been "riding" since he was 3, but really the last two years has progressed and is pretty solid on blues even in crap conditions. He is tall and thin, like 54 inches & 63lbs, size 4 boots (with a massive footprint more like 5/5.5)

I think he should be between 120 and 130cm. Am I overthinking it? Do I just go 130 and call it a day? 

2 Answers

I'd say if he's progressing well then go bigger and he'll sort it out alright  pretty quickly and he'll probably quickly grow into it anyhow. 


I’d say he should be fine with the 130, especially if he’s handling himself already on varied terrain.