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    how do you like the Taro Tamai ? I tried em when i was in Niseko Japan, but seems there is more heel lifting than what i d like to have. But the staffs at Powder Company, who works and rides with Taro often, saying Taro had the Kaiju on the side when he designed the k2 snowsurfer, which was interesting for me to know.

    I am in need of new boots as well, looking for the black burton viking in 9.5 , hard to find now days, but also thinking about next years taro tamai.

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    I went from Kaijus, to Sambas (previous gen), to back into Kaijus..now Taro Tamai’s. The Sambas weren’t bad at all and you usually can find them for good prices. I had issues with heel lift but I bought some insert pieces from Tognar for $5 and stuck them on the liner and problem was solved. I liked them a lot, they aren’t as..comfortable as the Kaiju was as the liner is pretty basic. The shell didn’t break down too much thanks to the little flex notch and it has a pretty even flex throughout the bend of the shell. I’d say they are a smidge stiffer than a broken in Kaiju. Not worth much when it comes to sizing but I was a 10 in Kaijus and 10 in Sambas with the Sambas being more snug toe-to-heel. The shell volume overall is also a lot smaller than the Kaijus. [/quote]